National Prize And Toy



National Prize and Toy provides its customers with an unsurpassed level of service. We are in business to serve our customers for the long haul.
There are a few things that we do at National Prize and Toy to please our customers.
  • Our phones are not only answered by a human 7 days a week, but are also answered by someone who can actually answer any question.
  • We ship most orders the same day that you call.
  • We tell you when to expect an order when you order it.
  • We trace all outgoing shipments whether you ask us to or not. We fight for our customers with the trucking companies.
  • National Prize and Toy is committed to delivering the highest quality product at the lowest prices without hassles. We pride ourselves on serving our customers better than anyone else.  
  • We are on your side and sincerely hope that you do well. We are smart enough to understand that when you do well, we will do well.

National Prize and Toy 
 P.O. Box 9888
Cincinnati, OH 45209